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Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

For many wives, the very thought of their marriage coming undone is overwhelming. Why did the man that pursued her so vigorously during dating now seem so distant in marriage? The truth is that if your married, those fears don't have to come true in your relationship. There is a way to rekindle lost passion and make your husband crave spending time with you. Every wife that learns the secrets of their husbands heart soon discovers the power to influence their husband on a profoundly deep level. Imagine what would happen in your marriage if you knew.... The  highest compliment  you can give your husband – and no, it’s not praising his physical appearance, which only works on women, not men Why you should NEVER give your husband advice – unless he  begs  you to How to make your husband  willing to listen to you  and try practically anything you suggest Those insights alone can change your marriage forever. Suppose you also discovered... The  15 words  you can say to y

What He Wants From His Wife

If you have been married to your husband for a while, you might think, like most women do, that he should be able to read your mind and know what makes you happy. However, being the complicated humans that women are, most of the time, the man in your life has no clue what’s on your mind. Women tend to send mixed signals to the men they love, almost as if they are trying to keep them guessing or on their toes. Since the beginning of time, men have always felt responsible for the happiness of their wife. Even though he might not tell you so, the thought of you being unhappy is painful to your husband. If he feels he cannot please you, that is the point where he begins to act as if he doesn’t care. Many married women believe their husbands should know they are happy, even if outwardly they don’t show it. This is not the case. Men cannot read their minds. They need constant reassurance. Women need to show them, to let them know, in no uncertain terms, specifically when they are happy

Why Does Romance Stop at Dating

If you are a woman who has been married for three or more years, you may have noticed a decline in the romance department. When women refer to romance, they mean just that – romance. They are not referring to sex. Romance to a woman involves random expressions of affection, such as an unexpected card on a non-holiday, flowers for no reason, or a surprise get-a-way planned completely by your man. Now that’s what women call romance! Why doesn’t he do those things for his woman without her having to drop little hints or nagging him until he finally gets it? The reason could be that she has stopped inspiring her man to be romantic. She has stopped flirting with him, enticing him and teasing him like she did when they were dating. In a man’s mind, fixing the washing machine for his wife or bringing home her favorite snack while stopping for his lite beer is the stuff romance is made of. Women, on the other hand, were born to romance. They know how to tease and flirt, make romantic din

Arguing Is Beneath a Woman

When a woman argues with a man, it only makes him dig in and stand his ground. After all, men are innately competitive. It’s in their genes, and they are born to compete. That’s why, in any argument, he feels he must be the victor. So, even if you have a valid point, arguing with your man may be futile. It will only serve as a wedge that may eventually tear your relationship apart. The one rule every woman must remember in a conflict with a man is to always be respectful. Be careful of emotionally intense words or tones, as this often causes a man to escalate the conflict. While, ideally, a woman should speak to him calmly and directly in a soft tone during a conflict, the reality is that during such times it can be almost impossible to remain calm when you’re upset. A better rule would be to never compete with a man, even if you have to leave the conversation, room or even the home for a few minutes or hours. While this may seem extreme, it is more effective to remove yourself from